Wanderlust is a versatile project which brings value through multiple forms and transmutations. A bridge which links disciplines and Arts apparently far from each other thanks to a common language, born from the combination between human being and nature. Developed in the period before outbreak, the project is born with the intention of enhancing Italy and getting the new generations closer to its realities thanks to a lively and appealing point of view.

The main mission is to promote creatively the cultural and artistic Italian beauties, supporting a gradual and consistent recovery reaching more people than before.
A celebration of modernity and an impetuous necessity to experiment and translate primordial elements avoiding tradition and academism: these are Wanderlust’s prerogatives, an always moving process that aims to vibrate emotions through continuous stimulus, dynamic solutions and diversified representations.

w / STAR: Long time ago, in Mesopotamia, wanderers started to follow stars to plot their course and it worked out. Stars have always been such a good partner for travelers and they have an inexplicable impact on all of us.
w / COORDINATES: In 2020 we’re able to reach all the possible places in this world. Every little Earth’s surface is marked with a specific number, has its own story and can give you something.
w / TMAP: Topographic maps are the example of how to make a step beyond, showing a 3D while having a 2D appearance. Our aim is to show but also to leave space to the imagination providing subtle insights and acquiring feedbacks to keep the dialogue alive and the community growing.

Polar Star


Topographic Map